Our Fresh Chicken Products

Hazeldene’s produce some of the best poultry in this country. With a really strong focus on quality, our stock is sought after by the major supermarkets, butchers, charcoal chicken shops, smaller retailers, and wholesalers. We were the first poultry producer in the southern hemisphere to implement Aeroscalding – a process prior to plucking that retains all skin layers, reduces cross contamination and microbiological load, and results in better tasting chicken. We were also among the first to implement Air Chilling, a process we are strongly committed to – which reduces the moisture content in poultry, meaning you pay for protein not water – and it has a much better shelf life than those who exclusively deep water chill.


Where can I buy Hazeldene’s Chicken?

Hazeldene’s produce and sell fresh chicken, RSPCA Approved chicken, and Free Range chicken, fresh every day. We supply more than 500 different items to many different customers.

Brands we supply

Sometimes it’s difficult to know if you are buying Hazeldene’s chicken. The majority of our chicken is sold under supermarket brands at Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA’s and Foodworks, then also through butcher shops, markets, and smaller specialty retailers. You will find some Hazeldene’s branded product on the shelves of Coles, Harris Farms, Tasman meats, IGA’s and other specialty retailers. If in doubt, ask the supermarket.

Buy Direct

Locals have the option of buying directly from us. We often have super specials on frozen over runs that are available to the public at great prices!

Fresh and frozen bulk products are also available for sale, pending stock availability.

How to Order

To buy chicken directly from us, place your order over the phone before 3pm the business day before you would like to collect it. All chicken must be collected from reception at our Lockwood base at 74 Hazeldenes Road, Lockwood.

Hazeldene’s Public Sales – Frozen Super Specials

Only while stocks last…..


2KG Bulk Bag Tuscan Herb Roasting Portions$3 per bag


Whole Birds

Supplied fresh – upon availability

Size 9 – 12 birds per box

Size 10 – 12 birds per box

Size 11 – 12 birds per box

Size 12 – 10 birds per box

Size 13 – 10 birds per box

Size 14 – 10 birds per box

Size 15 – 10 birds per box

Size 16 – 8 birds per box

Size 17 – 8 birds per box

Size 18 – 8 birds per box

Size 19 – 8 birds per box

Size 20 – 8 birds per box

Size 21 – 6 birds per box

Size 22 – 6 birds per box

Size 23 – 6 birds per box

Size 24 – 6 birds per box

Size 25 – 6 birds per box

Frozen Ducks

Frozen Quail

Frozen Turkeys (pre Christmas)

Frozen wholebirds are also available. Please enquire within in regards to stock and pricing.


Supplied fresh or frozen in 6kg and 12kg cartons – upon availability

Breast Fillet Skin On

Breast Fillet Skin Off

Thigh Fillet Skin Off

Maryland Fillet Skin On




Maryland Random Weight

Casserole Pieces




Bones (12kg only)

Necks (12kg only)

Giblets (6kg only)

Livers (6kg only)

Hearts (6kg only)


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