Hazeldenes were among the first to adopt the RSPCA’s animal welfare standards for meat chickens. The quality, health and well-being of our chickens will always be a top priority.

RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme

Hazeldene’s has had a strong commitment to improving animal welfare, and were early adopters of the RSPCA’s standards.

Hazeldenes rear chicken on Australian RSPCA Approved farms which are assessed by an RSPCA Assessor 2-4 times a year.

These farms take pride in raising their birds in an enriched barn environment. Chickens enjoy space to move, good lighting and can perch, dust-bathe and forage – which ultimately leads to better health and welfare.


Free Range Chicken  

When Hazeldenes commenced farming operations at Lockwood in the 1960’s, our chickens were farmed in free range coops that were moved around open paddocks.

Today we continue free range farming and have been accredited by FREPA.

Our birds can forage naturally and instinctively amongst grasses, weeds, bushes and trees in a secure environment. Their diet is supported with locally-supplied multi-grains, blended with spice extracts and essential oils.  This creates happy, healthy and tasty chicken.

Free range is a growing part of our business.  You can find our chickens in Coles, Woolworths ALDI and independent retailers, specialty butchers and chicken shops.

Hazeldenes Free Range Chickens


The Free Range Egg and Poultry Association (FREPA) mandates standards for free-range poultry farming. We were among the first meat poultry producers to receive free-range accreditation in Victoria. FREPA conducts an annual audit on our farms to the FREPA standard and we are recertified every 12 months.

Antibiotic Growth Promotant (AGP) – Free

Since 2012 Hazeldene’s has been completely AGP free across our whole operations. We are very proud of this fact.