Hazeldene’s is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental management. We have spent many years refining processes to ensure we recycle everything possible, minimise our waste product and use minimal power and water.

No Wasted Chicken

Every single part of the chicken is used. All meat is processed, packaged and sold. Bones and carcasses are used to make pet food. Feathers are sold to make feather meal. Any remaining product is rendered to make protein-based stockfeed and blood and bone for garden fertiliser.


Manure from our farming operations is sold to neighbouring broad-acre farmers for fertilisation of their land.


Water Recycling

Water used in our production plant and truck wash is all reused. We have our own water treatment plant and aerated storage dams, which we use to irrigate our broad-acre pastures.


Other Recycling

All cardboard and cartons are recycled along with scrap metal, stainless steel and other metals.